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Kedzal prosthetic cover


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Kedzal prosthetic covers are 3D-printed, flexible, indestructible and waterproof. They are based on a scan of your patient to reproduce the shape of the lost limb, adapting perfectly to the brace.

How does it work ?

1. Ordering

Place your order via the PROTEOR SHOP by filling in all the information requested.

2. Retrieving the 3D scan and other necessary information

We will come back to you to collect your patient's 3D scan, as well as all the other information needed to create the aesthetic that's closest to your expectations.

3. Virtual fitting

We will offer you a video preview of the aesthetic for you and your patient, allowing you to request slight modifications.

4. Manufacturing

Once the shape of the cover has been validated, the production phase begins. Our product is 100% Made In France.

Delivery of a kedzal cover takes between 6 and 8 weeks. This time may be longer if we have to wait for your design instructions to be validated.


1. Do Kedzal covers fit all prothesis ?

Yes, the covers fit all prosthesis. There's few exceptional cases where Kedzal team will have to directly contact the CPO in order to make the cover fits properly.

2. Is the shape identical to that of the amputated limb?

We spend a lot of time working to achieve a harmonious shape as close as possible to that of your amputated limb. We aim to offer the most beautiful shapes on the market. From experience, they slightly reduce the dimensions of the healthy limb to avoid a too massive effect of the cover.

3. Delivery times

Delivery of a kedzal cover takes between 6 and 8 weeks. This time may be longer if we are waiting for your design instructions to be validated.

4. Service life

Kedzal covers are made from different materials depending on the model. Our products are guaranteed for one year for classic covers and two years for flexible covers. The life of your cover can be much longer if you take good care of it. An indication of the robustness of each model is available in the catalog section.

5. How to fit?

kedzal covers are flexible, one-piece covers made from a single piece. To fit your cover, open it and pass the central clamp through the tubular part of your prosthesis. The position of the central clamp will have been indicated to you during your fitting. Tighten the clamp, close the cover and you're done.

6. Are there any fittings before I buy the cover?

Before each production run, we offer you a virtual fitting to validate the shape and design of your cover. Once validated, your cover will be delivered within 2 weeks.

7. How do I get a shape for a double amputation?

For this particular case, we use a database of leg shapes scanned from different people's profiles to obtain the most harmonious result possible for you.

8. Does the cover move during use?

We offer two fastening systems that do not affect the price of the product. A manual clamping system that prevents any movement of your cover in relation to your prosthesis. A spring-loaded system that limits movement but does not completely eliminate it.

9. Why are there two clamping systems?

Manual clamping takes longer to apply to your prosthesis. Spring clamping is an alternative for those who want to change their cover like a shirt. Your cover can be fitted and removed in an instant.