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Complete kit for the manufacture of an orthosis - thermoformable plastic not included (right knee / left knee)

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- OdrA is a knee orthosis that applies a distraction / rotation effect. As a result, the OdrA relieves the pain due to medial knee compartment osteoarthritis.

- The combined action of 2 joints lowers the pressure in the medial knee compartment :

- Medial joint : increases the distance between upper and lower bands when the leg is extended and leads to a distraction effect between the femur and tibia.

- Lateral joint : shifts back the articular center and causes and outward rotation of the foot. This leads to a decrease of the second peak of the adduction moment during gait.

- Dynamic orthosis : it only works when knee is full extended and weight bearing.

- Custom-built with casting done by an orthotist.

- Very light and compact-sized : less than 500g on average. 


- Patients who suffers from medial knee compartment osteoarthritis, for a pain which is higher the 40 using the Visual Analogue Scale.

- Patients waiting for knee surgery or who cannot undergo surgery.

- Patients looking for an alternative to drug therapies.

- Patients look for more stability.


- Patients suffering from superficial venous problems.

- Patients whose lateral knee compartment is more affected the the treated medial compartment.

- Patient with pronounced knee hyperextension.

Kit including

- Medial and lateral joints with tracing template and protective covers

- Lower band

- Lining (3D fabrics, copolymer, band...)

- Straps