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Hybrid knee concept combines 3 technologies : hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic.

• Hydraulic shock absorption and a reaction force detecting system (MRS) allow for dynamic control of stance phase. Safety in stance phase is provided by an hydraulic cylinder that adapts the brake to walking conditions.

• The pneumatic unit controls swing phase thanks to a microprocessor that detects changes in tempo and pace and adjusts the speed of extension return, which provides a physiologic walk..

• Hybrid knee meets the needs of active and very active patients by ensuring :
- Stability and control of stance phase during reciprocal walk on slopes and stairs,
- An accurate answer to a wide range of walking paces,
- Free flexion knee in sitting position,
- A one-year battery life.

• Carbon fiber frame.

Adjustments & Technical Points

• Adjustment of damping at the end of extension
• Adjustment of the force and the duration of progressive braking.
• Adjustment of swing phase with an electronic unit.

Knee functioning

• Heel strike :
The MRS system activates the r otative hydraulic unit by increasing the resistance, thus progressively preventing knee flexion (adjustable).

• Stance phase :
Resistance to flexion is adjusted during stance phase to enable the patient to walk stairs and slopes with alternate footsteps.

• End of stance phase :
The MRS system releases resistance to flexion of the rotative hydraulic unit to allow for free flexion and transition into swing phase.

• Swing phase :
A microprocessor measures walking pace and automatically adjusts pneumatic pressure
accordingly, which adapts the prosthesis motions to the walking pace.

Technical features

Item N°.




1375 g

1385 g

Total Height / Build Height

309/252 mm

303/250 mm

Max. flexion


Proximal Adapter


M36 Thread

Distal Adapter

 Ø 34 mm tube

Max. Patient Weight

100 kg

Activity level

3 - 4

Battery life

1 an


EU Declaration of Conformity