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Regain Serenity

SYNERGETIC SYSTEM - Controlled Kinematic Coupling

SYNSYS is a unique integral mechatronic system offering a kinematic coupling of the ankle and the knee movements, as a continuation of the hip.

This microprocessor-controlled solution was designed to facilitate everyday life situations and allows the patient to gain peace of mind.

• A new step to go beyond the everyday-life constraints:

   - Bending the ankle for all everyday life movements such as sitting and squatting
   - Putting the foot completely flat on the step when going down the stairs for more safety
   - Feeling comfortable walking up and down slopes
   - Changing shoes easily (barefoot + 9 programmable heel heights up to 5cm)
   - Walking barefoot

• Exceptional autonomy : The minimum autonomy is 4 days with a complete recharge time of 6 hours. The user is serene and does not need to think about recharging his prosthesis every night. He can see at a glance on his application the charge level.

•  Additional modesAccessible via the smartphone application or the buttons on the prosthesis, the bikelockfree and walk 2 modes allow optimal use of SYNSYS in all everyday situations, whether they are usual or exceptional.

• Fall prevention deviceIn case of stumbling, SYNSYS automatically blocks the knee blocking then releases it when recognizing the return to normal walking.

• Unique range of movement : 

   - Maximum knee flexion of 125°.

   - Ankle amplitude of 42°. (20° in dorsiflexion and 22° in plantarflexion).

 Optimal safetyWhen going downstairs, the user can finally position his foot flat on the step and go down with confidence.

• The freedom to change of shoesA real choice of shoes is offered by SYNSYS allowing the user to preset up to 10 heel height positions in the smartphone application: it is finally possible to walk barefoot, in sneakers or even in high heels up to 5 cm!

• ConnectedSYNSYS connects via wireless connection to a smartphone to allow the patient to access the system’s functions.

Technical features

This knee-ankle system allows the control of the stance and swing phases thanks to the microprocessor.

Knee resistance will be adapted:
– To go downstairs or downslopes
– To sit or band down
– In case of stumbling
– When using the biking, free knee or locked knee modes

On board sensors allow to recognize automatically the different phases of the walking cycles, and therefore adapt in real time the prosthesis

A hydraulic and mechanical connection between the knee and the ankle providing the triple flexion in link with the hip movement.

The ankle allows:
 Flat foot on the ground starting from the heel strike (plantarflexion)
 Automatically adapt the ankle when going upslopes to ease stepping forward
– Adapt the ankle’s angle according to the heel hight

Item N°
Proximal connector Pyramid
Knee-to-ground height from 430 to 550 mm
Sizes 23 to 30 cm
Heel Height Up to 5 cm
Black or Caucasian
Maximum knee flexion 125°
Ankle joint
20° in dorsiflexion and 22° in plantarflexion (Average amplitude by heel height)
3.2 kg
Max. Patient Weight 125 kg
Activity level K3
Water resistance
Lithium-ion battery 4 days minimum autonomy (6h for a complete 100% recharge)
Operating temperature -10°C to 40°C
Adjustment softwares

• SYNSYS Soft adjustment software for CPOs: Windows 10

• Application for users

Mandatory and free certification for CPOs.
Ordering SYNSYS is ordered via an online configurator which is presented during the certification.
Packaging content SYNSYS assembled solution, charger, on/off tool, instructions
3 years - Paying option: 3-year extension
Included servicing
1st service at 24 months / 2nd service at 48 months if extension subscribed
Modules and footsizes

Foot category indication chart based on patient weight and activity

Activity level

45 to 59 kg

99 to 130 lbs

60 to 74 kg

131 to 163 lbs

75 to 89 kg

164 to 196 lbs

90 to 104 kg

197 to 229 lbs

105 to 125 kg

230 to 275 lbs

Normal 1 2 3 4 5
High 2 3 4 5 -


Availability of modules per Foot Shell size (O = available ; X = not available) 

 Module / Size 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
1 O O O O O X X X
2 O O
3 O
4 X O O O O O O O
5 X X O O O O O O
PROTEOR will support you

• Free training

• Free certification kit for the O&P clinic with all the necessary tools

• Customized SYNSYS delivered set to length by PROTEOR teams

• Team of clinical trainers available at all times

• SYNSYS loaner available during servicing


Instruction for Use

EU Declaration of Conformity