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Stainless Steel Straight Uprights with Articulated Spurs

Item n°: 2B10001

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VAT Excluded

- Good articular mobility.

- Allow easier shoe fitting.

- Drilled uprights with 4 M4 tapped holes (10 mm spaced out) and a reinforcement.

- Delivered without tube.

Technical features
 REF. Upright type Upright section Diameter Length Packaging
2B10001 Medial 16x4mm 6mm 85mm x1
2B10005 Lateral 16x4mm 6mm 85mm x1
2B10105 Lateral 18x5mm 6mm 85mm x1
2B10601 Medial 18x5mm 8mm 85mm x1
2B10605 Lateral 18x5mm 8mm 85mm x1
2B10701 Medial 22x6mm 8mm 85mm x1
2B10705 Lateral 22x6mm 8mm 85mm x1