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Single Lateral F.C.P. Leg Upright

Item n°: 2M13002

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Technical features
Single Lateral FCP Leg Upright Maximum Patient's Weight
2M13002 45kg / 100lbs
2M14002 45kg / 100lbs
2M15002 65kg / 143lbs

Patients who need a K.A.F.O : knee disorders associated - or not - with ankle deficiencies, flaccid paralyses, muscular, ligamentous or bone deficiencies.


- Flexum superior to 6°.

- Recurvatum superior to 6°.

- Valgum / varum superior to 6°.

- Patient's weight superior to 90kg (200 lbs).


The uprights must be thermoformed using the 5G4061 forming specific table after a 170° (34°F) heating during :

- 20min for the 16x4 and 18x5mm uprights

- 30min for the 22x6mm uprights.

About the F.C.P Orthosis

- The F.C.P orthosis is a modular K.A.F.O designed to compensate for knee disorders of neurological, muscular, ligament or bony origin, associated or not with hip or ankle deficiencies.

- It is composed of carbon fiber uprights and bands but also of free knee or locking knee joints. It can be competed by a thermoformed AFO, ankle-joints and spurs or stirrups.

- Custom-built using a cast or an outline, by thermoforming carbon components using 5G40A forming table.

- Secures standing and walking phases with or without technical assistance devices (walking sticks or walker).

- Lightweight and resistant thanks ti carbon fiber properties.

- Its elasticity preserves physiological joints and improves walking comfort by absorbing the shocks.

- Modular : modifications are possible in case of weight gain or loss.