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Inclined Carbon Bands for F.C.P Carbon Fiber Orthosis

Item n°: 2P30

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Intermediate bands for thigh and calf, sold by unit.

Technical features
Item number Width Length Height
2P30 30mm 90mm 45mm
2P32 40mm 90mm 45mm
2P40 30mm 110mm 55mm
2P42 40mm 110mm 55mm
2P50 30mm 130mm 65mm
2P52 40mm 130mm 65mm
2P54 40mm 150mm 75mm
2P56  40mm 160mm 80mm
About the F.C.P Orthosis

- The F.C.P orthosis is a modular K.A.F.O designed to compensate for knee disorders of neurological, muscular, ligament or bony origin, associated or not with hip or ankle deficiencies.

- It is composed of carbon fiber uprights and bands but also of free knee or locking knee joints. It can be competed by a thermoformed AFO, ankle-joints and spurs or stirrups.

- Custom-built using a cast or an outline, by thermoforming carbon components using 5G40A forming table.

- Secures standing and walking phases with or without technical assistance devices (walking sticks or walker).

- Lightweight and resistant thanks ti carbon fiber properties.

- Its elasticity preserves physiological joints and improves walking comfort by absorbing the shocks.

- Modular : modifications are possible in case of weight gain or loss.